Targeted and continuous measurements and follow-ups sharpen the organization’s focus on goals and requirements.

I-Trust’s services are based on proven methods, made in collaboration with experts from universities in Denmark and Germany, which have been used in practice in Danish and in international projects.

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We help establish awareness programs that contribute to changing organizations’ behavior through information, communication and training.


The enablor-portal gives companies and public organisations the possibility to measure their IT security at different levels.

Risk Managment

enablor has its own risk management tool. Risk Management helps to ensure a more clear indentification, creation and description of the risk and thereby a much easier maintenance of information.


With all I-Trust products and platforms, benchmarking and joint initiatives are possible. This makes it possible to compare results and progress across larger organizations.

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Business Continuity

For many years I-Trust has worked on establishing and anchoring contingency plans – both in Denmark and abroad.

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Theoretical basis

I-Trust’s Compliance models are based on quality management processes like Plan-Do-Check-Act, Carnegie Mellons University’s IDEAL model and Six Sigma.

The awareness work is based on recognized behavioral research such as that used in traffic research and in marketing theory and is gathered in the term KAC- Knowledge, Understanding and Compliance.

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