In order to achieve compliance with the desired area, the enablor portal allows companies and public organizations to measure their IT security at different levels.

For companies and organizations that do not work by standards, it is possible to answer questions about basic security and IT applications. For those companies and organizations wishing to see if their IT applications (jobs, integration and customer products) are adequately secured, there is an expanded questionnaire. If you want to see and follow the organization’s compliance with standards, such as the ISO 27000 Series and the forthcoming EU Personnel Data Act, this is also possible.

At all levels, there is access to guides from central organizations and tools that support the development work of the status of work to achieve compliance.


Internationale standarder

Compliance with the ISO 27000-series

Assess your organization in compliance with standards such as ISO 27001, Personal Data Sheet, and Best Practice Recommendations.

Via filters there is the possibility of follow-up according to the different laws and standards down to individual controls.

EU’s forthcoming personal data regulation

From May 28, 2018, all companies and organizations in the EU that work with sensitive data must comply with the forthcoming Privacy Protection Act.

I-Trust works with concrete measurable checkpoints that specifically show how well the company is prepared and where to act to be ready by 2018.

The enablor portal has tools that allow the organization/ company to measure its status and manage development work.

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